Exodus Village


Book II of the 2-part Return of the African Diaspora series by author Linda Pace Samuel.





The saga continues in Exodus Village, as Kristin puts her purposeful plans for the Black American “underbelly” into action in Ghana. More of the remarkable African American history found in the first book of the series, A Mother for Celeste, can be found in this second book as additional insights on the evolution of the “African-American” are brought to light. Western readers are also provided glimmers of West African culture, as an introduction, as snippets of Ghanian history during the time of the African slave trade and beyond are revealed.

Through Divine Intervention, Kristin’s Exodus Foundation forms a partnership with traditional and non-traditional leaders of Ghana, as resettlement plans are developed and a massive step-by-step reeducation program for the underbelly is devised. The Adinkra symbol, “Sesa Wo Suban” (translated “transform your life and character”) becomes the hallmark for her new relocation village as Kristin remains engrossed by what she has grown to consider her life’s purpose. She is finally distracted her from all thoughts of Winston, her not-so-exhusband, and she is content to let her personal life take a back seat until the secret she had kept from him for decades is suddenly revealed. Her worst fears are realized when Celeste, Winston’s daughter, confronts Kristin with the raw truth of her past and an unexpected confrontation with Winston threatens to derail it all.

Their lost love parallels the love lost between Africa and her Diaspora in America. But is it possible for a love born of the Creator to be lost?


   The 2-part Return of the Africa Diaspora series is an intriguing yet entertaining work of fiction that spans nearly three decades. Book II, Exodus Village, offers many suggestions for how the impossible can indeed be possible.

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