African-American History Word Search Puzzles


TEST YOUR SKILLS as you relax your mind!

This book of word search puzzles is an entertaining way to reminiscence about our past. Use them as a bridge for sharing our history with the generations that follows  – all in an easy-to-read font.



Inspired by the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African American History and Culture, the puzzles in this book were designed using thought-provoking words that will bring to mind the people, places and things that have influenced our transformation: From African to African-American.

Studies have shown word puzzles to be an easy and effective way to keep the mind stimulated – for people of all ages. This book will help sharpen your mind as you search for the names of African-Americans who have made important contributions in their respective fields, and who have helped shape our culture – both currently and throughout our history. They remind us of our history and are a fun way to help keep it alive!

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