A Mother for Celeste


Book I of the 2-part Return of the Africa Diaspora series by author Linda Pace Samuel.




This first book in the Return of the African Diaspora series introduces an African-American college professor, Kristin, who takes a trip to Ghana that changes her life forever. In an old slave castle along the Gulf of Guinea, she is confronted with the indisputable connection between African-Americans and West Africa and begins to ponder the fate of those captives who had been crammed onboard ships bound for America.

Back home in Washington, she is driven toward extensive research of the African slave trade, stripping away all emotional considerations to reveal its true financial objectives as she explores the origin of racist ideologies that evolved to justify it. Mercifully, her new focus redirects her from the lingering feelings for her ex-husband that prompted her trip, now extended to to the daughter born of his emotionally unavailable second wife, and gives her hope that she might finally be able to move on with her life. She vigorously takes up the cause of the “underbelly” of of Black America, those whose ancestors had been so traumatized by their experiences during American slavery that they had little left to pass on to their descendants, after their ordeal was finally over.

Concerned about their uncertain future in an America no longer dependent on manual labor, Kristin digs deep down to her Tuskegee roots, inspired by the (s)heroes of her childhood, and devises an ambitious modern-day plan to see a realization of Marcus Garvey’s “back to Africa” movement. It would give the underbelly the hopeful new start they needed, as they learned who they really were, as she brought home the knowledge and skills her long-lost captives gained during their captivity to Mother Africa.

Although she realized the effort that would be required to reunite Black Americans with Mother Africa would equate to fitting a round hole into a square peg, as depicted in the Adinkra symbol she selected as a brand for her Exodus Foundation, the potential benefit to both sides of the ocean were too great not to give it her best try. The question was could it be done?

Could Kristin do the impossible and lead the way home?


  The 2-book Return of the Africa Diaspora series is an intriguing yet entertaining work of fiction that spans nearly three decades. Book I, A Mother for Celeste, unearths many unknown treasures of history as the evolution of the “African-American” is meticulously examined.


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