Linda Pace Samuel

Owner and Publisher, ‘N Gratitude Publishing Company

About Me

A native of Tuskegee, Alabama, I founded ‘N Gratitude Publishing, a small independent company, as I neared completion of A Mother for Celeste, the first book in my 2-part Return of the African Diaspora series. Since that time in 2009, I have worked with several new authors in publishing their books and look forward to expanding this growing list.


  • Publisher 35%
  • Writer 60%
  • Public Relations 5%

Prior to starting ‘N Gratitude, my professional career included work as Assistant Chief of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Legislative Information (LEGIS) Office; Congressional Aide to U.S. Representative John Lewis; and Protocol and Travel Manager at Mobile Telecommunications Service Limited (MTS) during the historic installation of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria). More recently, my career has expanded to more technical roles in the software development industry as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and as Validation/Business Analyst. I have also held jobs as Administrative Manager, Welfare Caseworker, and Call Center/2nd Level Support Technician. In most of these positions, I was required to develop writing and editing skills that have been incorporated in my current writings and my publishing business.

I have plans for several new writing projects that I look forward to, particularly writing children’s books.

Return of the African Diaspora 2-Book Series