If you are committed to ridding yourself of SAD (Standard American Diet) habits and becoming more conscious about the foods you eat, then a mandolin may be just the thing for you.

The SAD diet is made up mainly of animal protein (a major source of unhealthy cholesterol build-up), dairy, white flour and sugar, and other processed foods that have been largely stripped of nutrients before they are sold. In contrast, a more conscious diet is comprised largely of unprocessed organic foods – mainly fruits, vegetables, oils, nuts and grains, and an abundance of the best available source of water. When you first start making your diet change, it might seem like eating healthier means having to increase your food budget. That may be true for a short while; long enough for you to complete your lifestyle transition and invest in a few useful gadgets, like the mandolin pictured. After that, you’ll find that it’s fairly economical to eat food that is not only good for you but delicious too – especially as your medical expense goes down. Organic foods are more satisfying: the fruit is sweeter and the veggies are tastier so there is a tendency to eat less. There is also a list of foods that need not be organic because the residual pesticide level in them is considered sufficiently low. And, if you’re on a budget you can use white vinegar or activated charcoal to remove toxic residue from some non-organic fruits and vegetables. I’m mainly vegan these days (no meat, eggs or dairy), but I do follow Jesus’ lead and eat salmon from time to time. In the future, it may become harder to find a reliable and affordable source of wild salmon, the healthier choice, if they remain unprotected from their genetically engineered counterparts in the wild.

I started my journey to wellness years ago: eliminating first pork, then beef, and finally chicken from my diet. Since I loved cheese so much, dairy took longer for me to part with, but the change has served me well. My consciousness was further elevated in the aftermath of an unfortunate incident involving cayenne pepper, during a Master Cleanse-gone wrong when I lost twenty-five pounds within a 7-day period. It was a life changing experience that I describe in the prologue of my first book, A Mother for Celeste, as part of Kristin’s realization of her Life’s Purpose. After my own ordeal, I found myself very particular about the food I choose to put back into my body and became even more conscious about my eating habits. Since there are certain fruits and vegetables that I prefer and tend to buy over and over every week, including a mandolin in my kitchen arsenal has made it much easier for me to add variety to my meals.

Some of my favorite uses are:

  • Adding thinly sliced carrots (almost translucent) to a breakfast salad made from mixed greens, sliced strawberries, and walnuts with a healthy dressing
  • Making sweet potato fries and chips using coconut oil
  • Frying medium sliced apples in coconut oil, with only cinnamon added
  • Dehydrating thinly sliced apples and other fruits and vegetables

Yum Yum! My mandolin also makes it more convenient to make ordinary dishes like coleslaw, which I love but didn’t use to make. Now, since the mandolin is so easy to use and clean I can spend time making those same dishes extraordinary with spices and herbs. I can make vegetable trays that I used to buy from the supermarket in record time, or quickly cut vegetables and fruit for a casserole, a nice salad, or for use in making pies and other deserts. There are many affordable mandolins on the market these days, so look around for one that is to your liking, like one of these. Please consider one that has a good safety feature because the blades are extremely sharp!

Use care but having a mandolin is a product I would definitely recommend!



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